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Current Stream Flow Conditions In Alabama

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) maintains gaging stations on many of the rivers, streams, creeks and lakes around Alabama. From these stations, current stream flow conditions are transmitted every few hours via satellite into USGS district computer systems and from there onto the Internet. This data should be considered PROVISIONAL in nature. What does this mean? Well, it means that this data may be significantly inaccurate due to any of the following causes: backwater from ice or debris such as log jams; algal and aquatic growth in the stream; sediment movement; or malfunction of recording equipment. All data will subsequently be reviewed and could possibly be changed by the USGS, usually within 6 months of the end of the water year.

The USGS strongly cautions any users of this information to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. You should always visually inspect a river, stream or creek for yourself, prior to beginning a float trip, to determine whether current stream flow conditions are adequete and safe.

Now, with that out of the way....


Alabama River
Alabama River at Choctaw Bluff, AL
Alabama River at Claiborne Lock & Dam near Monroeville, AL
Alabama River at Montgomery, AL
Alabama River at Selma, AL
Alabama River below Claib. Lock & Dam near Monroeville, AL
Alabama River below Robert F Henry Lock & Dam near Benton, AL
Alabama River near Montgomery, AL

Albama River
Albama River at Jones Blufff, AL

Aldridge Creek
Aldridge Creek at Sherwood Drive near Huntsville, AL
Aldridge Creek at Toney Drive at Huntsville, AL
Aldridge Creek near Farley, AL

Bassett Creek
Bassett Creek at US Highway 43 near Thomasville, AL

Big Black Creek
Big Black Creek (C-8) near Leeds, AL

Big Canoe Creek
Big Canoe Creek at Ashville, AL

Big Cove Creek
Big Cove Creek at Dug Hill Road near Huntsville, AL

Big Creek
Big Creek at County Road 63 near Wilmer, AL

Big Escambia Creek
Big Escambia Creek at Sardine Branch near Stanley Crossroad, AL

Big Nance Creek
Big Nance Creek at Courtland, AL

Big Wills Creek
Big Wills Creek near Reece City, AL

Black Warrior River
Black Warrior River at Bankhead Lock & Dam near Bessemer, AL
Black Warrior River at Holt Lock & Dam near Holt, AL
Black Warrior River at Northport, AL
Black Warrior River at Selden Lock & Dam near Eutaw, AL
Black Warrior River below Bankhead Lock & Dam near Bessemer, AL
Black Warrior River below Holt Lock & Dam near Holt, AL
Black Warrior River below Oliver Lock & Dam near Tuscaloosa, AL
Black Warrior River below Selden Dam near Eutaw, AL
Black Warrior River below Selden Lock, near Sawyerville, AL

Blackwater Creek
Blackwater Creek near Manchester, AL

Blackwater River
Blackwater River near Bradley, AL

Blue Springs Creek
Blue Springs Creek near Blountsville, AL

Bodka Creek
Bodka Creek near Geiger, AL

Bogue Chitto Creek
Bogue Chitto Creek near Memphis, AL

Broglan Branch
Broglan Branch at Clinton Avenue in Huntsville, AL
Broglan Branch at Oakwood Avenue at Huntsville, AL

Burnt Corn Creek
Burnt Corn Creek at State Hwy 41 near Brewton, AL

Buttahatchee River
Buttahatchee River below Hamilton, AL

Cahaba River
Cahaba River at Centreville, AL
Cahaba River at Trussville, AL
Cahaba River near Acton, AL
Cahaba River near Cahaba Heights, AL
Cahaba River near Helena, AL
Cahaba River near Hoover, AL
Cahaba River near Marion Junction, AL
Cahaba River near Mountain Brook, AL
Cahaba River near Suttle, AL

Cahaba Valley Creek
Cahaba Valley Creek at Cross Creek Road at Pelham, AL

Catoma Creek
Catoma Creek near Montgomery, AL

Cattahoochee River
Chattahoochee River at Coast Guard Dock at Eufaula, AL
Chattahoochee River below Andrews Lock & Dam, AL
Chattahoochee River near Columbia, AL

Chattooga River
Chattooga River above Gaylesville, AL

Chickasaw Creek
Chickasaw Creek near Kushla, AL

Choccolocco Creek
Choccolocco Creek at Jackson Shoal near Lincoln, AL
Choccolocco Creek at Oxford, AL

Choctawhatchee River
Choctawhatchee River near Bellwood, AL
Choctawhatchee River near Newton, AL

Clear Creek
Clear Creek at New Hope Church near Poplar Springs, AL

Conecuh River
Conecuh River at Brantley, AL
Conecuh River at State Hwy 41 near Brewton, AL
Conecuh River below Pt A Dam near River Falls, AL

Coosa River
Coosa River at Childersburg, AL
Coosa River at Gadsden Steam Plant near Gadsden, AL
Coosa River at Gadsden, AL
Coosa River at Gaston Steam Plant near Wilsonville, AL
Coosa River at Leesburg, AL
Coosa River at Wetumpka, AL

Cowikee Creek
South Fork Cowikee Creek near Batesville, AL

Dallas Branch
Dallas Branch at Coleman Street In Huntsville, AL

Duck River
Duck River near Berlin, AL

Elliotts Creek
Elliotts Creek at Moundville, AL

Fagan Creek
Fagan Creek at Adams Street at Huntsville, AL

Fish River
Fish River near Silver Hill, AL

Fivemile Creek
Fivemile Creek at Ketona, AL
Fivemile Creek below Prudes Creek near Graysville, AL
Fivemile Creek near Republic, AL

Fowl River
Fowl River at Half-Mile Rd near Laurendine, AL

Graves Creek
Graves Creek below Blountsville, AL

Halls Creek
Halls Creek at Bessemer, AL

Hatchet Creek
Hatchet Creek below Rockford, AL

High Pine Creek
High Pine Creek near Roanoke, AL

Hillabee Creek
Hillabee Creek near Hackneyville, AL

Huntsville SP Branch
Huntsville SP Branch at Johnson Road, Huntsville, AL

Indian Creek
Indian Creek near Madison, AL

Kelly Creek
Kelly Creek near Vincent, AL

Limestone Creek
Limestone Creek near Athens, AL

Little Cahaba River
Little Cahaba River below Leeds, AL
Little Cahaba River near Leeds, AL

Little Double Bridges Creek
Little Double Bridges Creek near Enterprise, AL

Little River
Little River near Blue Pond, AL
West Fork Little River at Desoto Park near Fort Payne, AL

Little Tallapoosa River
Little Tallapoosa River near Newell, AL

Locust Fork
Locust Fork at Sayre, AL
Locust Fork near Cleveland, AL

Lost Creek
Lost Creek above Parrish, AL

Magnolia River
Magnolia River at US 98 near Foley, AL

McDonald Creek
McDonald Creek at Patton Road near Huntsville, AL

Mills Creek
Mills Creek at Dewey, AL

Mobile River
Mobile River at Alabama State Docks near Mobile, AL

Mulberry Creek
Mulberry Creek at Jones, AL

Mulberry Fork
Mulberry Fork at Cordova, AL
Mulberry Fork near Arkadelphia, AL
Mulberry Fork near Garden City, AL

Murder Creek
Murder Creek at State Hwy 41 at Brewton, AL
Murder Creek near Evergreen, AL

North River
North River near Samantha, AL

Noxubee River
Noxubee River near Geiger, AL

Paint Rock River
Paint Rock River near Woodville, AL

Patsaliga Creek
Patsaliga Creek near Brantley, AL

Pea River
Pea River at Elba, AL
Pea River near Ariton, AL

Pine Barren Creek
Pine Barren Creek near Snow Hill, AL

Pinhook Creek
East Fork Pinhook Creek at Winchester Road at Huntsville, AL
Pinhook Creek at Clinton Avenue at Huntsville, AL
Pinhook Creek at Mastin Lake Road at Huntsville, AL
West Fork Pinhook Creek at Blue Springs Road at Huntsville, AL

Pintlalla Creek
Pintlalla Creek at Liberty Church Road near Pintlalla, AL

Satilpa Creek
Satilpa Creek near Coffeeville, AL

Sepulga River
Sepulga River near McKenzie, AL

Shades Creek
Shades Creek near Greenwood, AL
Shades Creek near Homewood, AL

Sipsey Fork
Sipsey Fork near Grayson, AL

Sipsey River
Sipsey River near Elrod, AL

Sougahatchee Creek
Sougahatchee Creek at County Road 188 near Loachapoka, AL

Styx River
Styx River near Elsanor, AL

Sucarnoochee River
Sucarnoochee River at Livingston, AL

Talladega Creek
Talladega Creek at Alpine, AL

Tallapoosa River
Tallapoosa River at Milstead, AL
Tallapoosa River at Wadley, AL
Tallapoosa River near Heflin, AL
Tallapoosa River near Mont.-Mont. Water Works, AL
Tallapoosa River near New Site, AL

Tennessee River
Tennessee River at Decatur, AL
Tennessee River at Florence, AL
Tennessee River at Smithsonia, AL
Tennessee River at Whitesburg, AL

Terrapin Creek
Terrapin Creek at Ellisville, AL

Three Mile Branch
Three Mile Branch at North Boulevard at Montgomery, AL

Three Mile Creek
Three Mile Creek at Stanton Road at Mobile, AL
Three Mile Creek at US 43 near Prichard, AL
Three Mile Creek at Zeigler Boulevard at Spring Hill, AL

Tombigbee River
Tombigbee River at Bevill Lock & Dam near Pickensville, AL
Tombigbee River at Coffeeville Lock & Dam near Coffeeville, AL
Tombigbee River at Demopolis Lock & Dam near Coatopa, AL
Tombigbee River at Gainesville Lock & Dam near Gainesville, AL
Tombigbee River below Bevil Lock & Dam near Pickensville, AL
Tombigbee River below Coffeeville Lock & Dam near Coffeeville, AL
Tombigbee River below Demopolis Lock & Dam near Coatopa, AL
Tombigbee River below Gainesville Lock & Dam near Gainesville, AL
Tombigbee River near Cochrane, AL
Tombigbee River near Nanafalia, AL

Turkey Creek
Turkey Creek near Tuscaloosa, AL

Uchee Creek
Uchee Creek near Fort Mitchell, AL

Uphapee Creek
Uphapee Creek near Tuskegee, AL

Valley Creek
Valley Creek at Center Street at Birmingham, AL
Valley Creek below Bessemer, AL
Valley Creek near Bessemer, AL
Valley Creek near Oak Grove, AL

Village Creek
Village Creek at 24th Street at Birmingham, AL
Village Creek at 86th Street North at Roebuck, AL
Village Creek at Apalachee Street In Birmingham, AL
Village Creek at Avenue W at Ensley, AL
Village Creek near Docena, AL
Village Creek near Pratt City, AL

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