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Current Stream Flow Conditions In Nebraska

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) maintains gaging stations on many of the rivers, streams, creeks and lakes around Nebraska. From these stations, current stream flow conditions are transmitted every few hours via satellite into USGS district computer systems and from there onto the Internet. This data should be considered PROVISIONAL in nature. What does this mean? Well, it means that this data may be significantly inaccurate due to any of the following causes: backwater from ice or debris such as log jams; algal and aquatic growth in the stream; sediment movement; or malfunction of recording equipment. All data will subsequently be reviewed and could possibly be changed by the USGS, usually within 6 months of the end of the water year.

The USGS strongly cautions any users of this information to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. You should always visually inspect a river, stream or creek for yourself, prior to beginning a float trip, to determine whether current stream flow conditions are adequete and safe.

Now, with that out of the way....


Arikaree River
Arikaree River at Haigler, NE

Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek at Genoa, NE

Big Blue River
Big Blue River at Barneston, NE
Big Blue River near Crete, NE
West Fork Big Blue River near Dorchester, NE

Big Nemaha River
Big Nemaha River at Falls City, NE
North Fork Big Nemaha River at Humboldt, NE

Courtland Canal
Courtland Canal at Nebraska-Kansas State Line, NE

Dismal River
Dismal River near Thedford, NE

Driftwood Creek
Driftwood Creek near McCook, NE

Elkhorn River
Elkhorn River at Ewing, NE
Elkhorn River at Norfolk, NE
Elkhorn River at Waterloo, NE
Elkhorn River at West Point, NE
North Fork Elkhorn River near Pierce, NE

Frenchman Creek
Frenchman Creek at Culbertson, NE
Frenchman Creek at Palisade, NE

Haines Branch
Haines Branch at Southwest 56th Street at Lincoln, NE

Johnson Creek
Johnson Creek near Memphis, NE

Little Blue River
Little Blue River near Deweese, NE
Little Blue River near Fairbury, NE

Little Nemaha River
Little Nemaha River at Auburn, NE

Little Salt Creek
Little Salt Creek near Lincoln, NE

Logan Creek
Logan Creek near Uehling, NE

Long Pine Creek
Long Pine Creek near Riverview, NE

Loup River
Loup River near Genoa, NE

Loup River Power Canal
Loup River Power Canal near Genoa, NE

Maple Creek
Maple Creek near Nickerson, NE

Middle Creek
Middle Creek at Southwest 40th Street at Lincoln, NE

Middle Loup River
Middle Loup River at Dunning, NE
Middle Loup River at St. Paul, NE

Missouri River
Missouri River at Decatur, NE
Missouri River at Nebraska City, NE
Missouri River at Niobrara, NE
Missouri River at Omaha, NE
Missouri River at Rulo, NE
Missouri River below Ponca Creek near Verdel, NE
Missouri River near Maskell, NE

Niobrara River
Niobrara River at Niobrara, NE
Niobrara River near Sparks, NE
Niobrara River near Verdel, NE

North Loup River
North Loup River at Taylor, NE
North Loup River near St. Paul, NE

Oak Creek
Oak Creek at Air Park Road at Lincoln, NE

Olive Branch
Olive Branch near Hallam, NE

Platte River
Platte River at Louisville, NE
Platte River at North Bend, NE
Platte River Mid Channel, Cottonwood Ranch, near Elm Creek, NE
Platte River near Ashland, NE
Platte River near Duncan, NE
Platte River near Grand Island, NE
Platte River near Kearney, NE
Platte River near Leshara, NE
Platte River near Overton, NE

Plum Creek
Plum Creek near Smithfield, NE

Ponca Creek
Ponca Creek at Verdel, NE

Red Willow Creek
Red Willow Creek near Red Willow, NE

Republican River
North Fork Republican River at Colorado-Nebraska State Line, NE
Republican River at Cambridge, NE
Republican River at Guide Rock, NE
Republican River at McCook, NE
Republican River at Stratton, NE
Republican River below Harlan County Dam, NE
Republican River near Hardy, NE
Republican River near Orleans, NE
South Fork Republican River near Benkelman, NE

Rock Creek
Rock Creek at Parks, NE
Rock Creek near Ceresco, NE

Salt Creek
Salt Creek at 70th Street at Lincoln, NE
Salt Creek at Greenwood, NE
Salt Creek at Lincoln, NE
Salt Creek at Pioneers Boulevard at Lincoln, NE
Salt Creek at Roca, NE

Sappa Creek
Sappa Creek near Beaver City, NE
Sappa Creek near Stamford, NE

Shell Creek
Shell Creek near Columbus, NE

South Loup River
South Loup River at St. Michael, NE

South Platte River
South Platte River at Roscoe, NE

Stevens Creek
Stevens Creek near Lincoln, NE

Wahoo Creek
Wahoo Creek at Ashland, NE
Wahoo Creek at Ithaca, NE

Weeping Water Creek
Weeping Water Creek at Union, NE

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