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Current Stream Flow Conditions In Oregon

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) maintains gaging stations on many of the rivers, streams, creeks and lakes around Oregon. From these stations, current stream flow conditions are transmitted every few hours via satellite into USGS district computer systems and from there onto the Internet. This data should be considered PROVISIONAL in nature. What does this mean? Well, it means that this data may be significantly inaccurate due to any of the following causes: backwater from ice or debris such as log jams; algal and aquatic growth in the stream; sediment movement; or malfunction of recording equipment. All data will subsequently be reviewed and could possibly be changed by the USGS, usually within 6 months of the end of the water year.

The USGS strongly cautions any users of this information to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. You should always visually inspect a river, stream or creek for yourself, prior to beginning a float trip, to determine whether current stream flow conditions are adequete and safe.

Now, with that out of the way....


Alsea River
Alsea River near Tidewater, OR

Applegate River
Applegate River near Applegate, OR
Applegate River near Copper, OR
Applegate River near Wilderville, OR

Bear Creek
Bear Creek at Medford, OR
Bear Creek near Wallowa, OR

Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek at Troutdale, OR

Big Butte Creek
Big Butte Creek near McLeod, OR

Blowout Creek
Blowout Creek near Detroit, OR

Blue River
Blue River at Blue River, OR
Blue River below Tidbits Creek near Blue River, OR

Breitenbush River
Breitenbush River above French Creek near Detroit, OR

Bull Run Lake
Bull Run Lake near Brightwood, OR

Bull Run River
Bull Run River at Lower Flume near Brightwood, OR
Bull Run River near Bull Run, OR
Bull Run River near Multnomah Falls, OR
North Fork Bull Run River near Multnomah Falls, OR
South Fork Bull Run River near Bull Run, OR

Chetco River
Chetco River near Brookings, OR

Clackamas River
Clackamas River above Three Lynx Creek, OR
Clackamas River at Estacada, OR

Columbia River
Columbia River at Beaver Army Terminal near Quincy, OR
Columbia River at the Dalles, OR
Columbia River below Bonneville Dam, OR

Columbia Slough
Columbia Slough at Portland, OR

Cow Creek
West Fork Cow Creek near Glendale, OR

Crater Lake
Crater Lake near Crater Lake, OR

Deschutes River
Deschutes River at Moody near Biggs, OR
Deschutes River near Madras, OR

Donner Und Blitzen River
Donner Und Blitzen River near Frenchglen, OR

Elk Creek
Elk Creek below Alco Creek near Trail, OR
Elk Creek near Trail, OR

Fairview Creek
Fairview Creek at Glisan St near Gresham, OR

Fall Creek
Fall Creek below Winberry Creek near Fall Creek, OR

Fanno Creek
Fanno Creek at 56th Avenue at Portland, OR
Fanno Creek at Durham, OR

Fir Creek
Fir Creek near Brightwood, OR

Fish Creek
Fish Creek near Three Lynx, OR

Hood River
Hood River at Tucker Bridge near Hood River, OR

Illinois River
Illinois River near Kerby, OR

Imnaha River
Imnaha River at Imnaha, OR

John Day River
John Day River at McDonald Ferry, OR
John Day River at Service Creek, OR

Johnson Creek
Johnson Creek at Milwaukie, OR
Johnson Creek at Regner Road at Gresham, OR
Johnson Creek at Sycamore, OR

Kelley Creek
Kelley Creek at Southeast 159th Drive at Portland, OR

Lebanon Santiam Canal
Lebanon Santiam Canal near Lebanon, OR

Little North Santiam River
Little North Santiam River near Mehama, OR

Little River
Little River at Peel, OR

Lobster Creek
East Fork Lobster Creek near Alsea, OR

Lookout Creek
Lookout Creek near Blue River, OR

Lostine River
Lostine River at Baker Road near Lostine, OR
Lostine River near Lostine, OR

Malheur River
Malheur River below Nevada Dam near Vale, OR
Malheur River below Warmsprings Reservoir near Riverside, OR
North Fork Malheur River at Beulah, OR

Marys River
Marys River near Philomath, OR

McKenzie River
McKenzie River below Leaburg Dam near Leaburg, OR
McKenzie River near Vida, OR
McKenzie River near Walterville, OR
South Fork McKenzie River above Cougar Lake near Rainbow, OR
South Fork McKenzie River near Rainbow, OR

Metolius River
Metolius River near Grandview, OR

Mohawk River
Mohawk River near Springfield, OR

Molalla River
Molalla River near Canby, OR

Nehalem River
Nehalem River near Foss, OR

North Santiam River
North Santiam River at Mehama, OR
North Santiam River at Niagara, OR
North Santiam River below Boulder Creek near Detroit, OR

North Umpqua River
North Umpqua River above Copeland Creek near T Fls, OR
North Umpqua River at Winchester, OR

Owyhee River
Owyhee River below Owyhee Dam, OR
Owyhee River near Rome, OR

Pudding River
Pudding River near Woodburn, OR

Rogue River
Rogue River at Dodge Branch near Eagle Point, OR
Rogue River at Grants Pass, OR
Rogue River at Raygold near Central Point, OR
Rogue River near Agness, OR
Rogue River near McLeod, OR

Sandy River
Sandy River below Bull Run River near Bull Run, OR
Sandy River near Marmot, OR

Shitike Creek
Shitike Creek at Peters Pasture near Warm Springs, OR

Siletz River
Siletz River at Siletz, OR

Siuslaw River
Siuslaw River near Mapleton, OR

Snake River
Snake River at Hells Canyon Dam Idaho-Oregon State Line, OR

South Santiam River
South Santiam River below Cascadia, OR
South Santiam River near Foster, OR

South Umpqua River
South Umpqua River at Tiller, OR
South Umpqua River near Brockway, OR

South Yamhill River
South Yamhill River at McMinnville, OR

Steamboat Creek
Steamboat Creek near Glide, OR

Trask River
Trask River above Cedar Creek near Tillamook, OR

Tualatin River
Tualatin River at West Linn, OR
Tualatin River near Dilley, OR

Umatilla River
Umatilla River above Meacham Creek near Gibbon, OR
Umatilla River near Umatilla, OR

Umpqua River
Umpqua River near Elkton, OR

Upper Klamath Lake
Upper Klamath Lake at Rattlesnake Point, OR
Upper Klamath Lake at Rocky Point, OR
Upper Klamath Lake near Klamath Falls, OR

Wallowa River
Wallowa River above Cross Cntry Canal near Enterprise, OR

Warm Springs River
Warm Springs River near Kahneeta Hot Springs, OR

Wiley Creek
Wiley Creek near Foster, OR

Willamette River
Middle Fork Willamette River at Jasper, OR
Willamette River at Albany, OR
Willamette River at Harrisburg, OR
Willamette River at Portland, OR
Willamette River at Salem, OR
Willamette River below falls at Oregon City, OR

Williamson River
Williamson River below Sprague River near Chiloquin, OR

Wilson River
Wilson River near Tillamook, OR

Winberry Creek
Winberry Creek near Lowell, OR

Zollner Creek
Zollner Creek near Mt. Angel, OR

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