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Current Stream Flow Conditions In Washington

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) maintains gaging stations on many of the rivers, streams, creeks and lakes around Washington. From these stations, current stream flow conditions are transmitted every few hours via satellite into USGS district computer systems and from there onto the Internet. This data should be considered PROVISIONAL in nature. What does this mean? Well, it means that this data may be significantly inaccurate due to any of the following causes: backwater from ice or debris such as log jams; algal and aquatic growth in the stream; sediment movement; or malfunction of recording equipment. All data will subsequently be reviewed and could possibly be changed by the USGS, usually within 6 months of the end of the water year.

The USGS strongly cautions any users of this information to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. You should always visually inspect a river, stream or creek for yourself, prior to beginning a float trip, to determine whether current stream flow conditions are adequete and safe.

Now, with that out of the way....


Ahtanum Creek
Ahtanum Creek at Union Gap, WA

American River
American River near Nile, WA

Asotin Creek
Asotin Creek below Confluence near Asotin, WA

Bacon Creek
Bacon Creek below Oakes Creek near Marblemount, WA

Baker River
Baker River at Concrete, WA

Big Soos Creek
Big Soos Creek above Hatchery, near Auburn, WA

Blue Creek
Blue Creek above Midnite Mine Drainage near Wellpinit, WA

Boise Creek
Boise Creek at Buckley, WA

Boxley Creek
Boxley Creek near Edgewick, WA

Carbon River
Carbon River near Fairfax, WA

Cedar River
Cedar River at Cedar Falls, WA
Cedar River at Renton, WA
Cedar River below Bear Creek, near Cedar Falls, WA
Cedar River below Diversion near Landsburg, WA
Cedar River near Cedar Falls, WA
Cedar River near Landsburg, WA

Centralia Power Canal
Centralia Power Canal near Mckenna, WA

Chehalis River
Chehalis River at Porter, WA
Chehalis River at Wwtp at Chehalis, WA
Chehalis River near Adna, WA
Chehalis River near Doty, WA
Chehalis River near Grand Mound, WA
South Fork Chehalis River near Wildwood, WA

Chewuch River
Chewuch River at Winthrop, WA

Cispus River
Cispus River above Yellowjacket Creek near Randle, WA

Clover Creek
North Fork Clover Creek near Parkland, WA

Columbia River
Columbia River at International Boundary, WA
Columbia River below Priest Rapids Dam, WA

Colville River
Colville River at Kettle Falls, WA

Cowlitz River
Cowlitz River at Castle Rock, WA
Cowlitz River at Packwood, WA
Cowlitz River at Randle, WA
Cowlitz River below Mayfield Dam, WA
Cowlitz River near Kosmos, WA

Crab Creek
Crab Creek at Irby, WA
Crab Creek near Moses Lake, WA

Deschutes River
Deschutes River near Rainier, WA

Dungeness River
Dungeness River near Sequim, WA

Elwha River
Elwha River at Mcdonald Branch near Prt Angeles, WA

Entiat River
Entiat River near Ardenvoir, WA

Esquatzel Coulee
Esquatzel Coulee at Connell, WA

Green River
Green River above Twin Camp Creek near Lester, WA
Green River at Purification Pnt near Palmer, WA
Green River at Tukwila, WA
Green River below Howard A. Hanson Dam, WA
Green River near Auburn, WA

Greenwater River
Greenwater River at Greenwater, WA

Hangman Creek
Hangman Creek at Spokane, WA

Hoh River
Hoh River at U.S. Highway 101 near Forks, WA

Hoko River
Hoko River near Sekiu, WA

Issaquah Creek
Issaquah Creek near Hobart, WA
Issaquah Creek near Mouth, near Issaquah, WA

Kettle River
Kettle River near Ferry, WA
Kettle River near Laurier, WA

Klickitat River
Klickitat River near Pitt, WA

Lake Tapps
Lake Tapps near Sumner, WA

Lake Tapps Diversion
Lake Tapps Diversion at Dieringer, WA

Leach Creek
Leach Creek near Fircrest, WA
Leach Creek near Steilacoom, WA

Lewis River
East Fork Lewis River near Heisson, WA
Lewis River at Ariel, WA

Little Spokane River
Little Spokane River at Dartford, WA

Methow River
Methow River above Goat Creek near Mazama, WA
Methow River at Winthrop, WA
Methow River Mvid East Diversion near Winthrop, WA
Methow River near Pateros, WA

Midnite Mine Drainage
Midnite Mine Drainage near Wellpinit, WA

Mill Creek
Mill Creek at Earthworks Park at Kent, WA
Mill Creek at Walla Walla, WA
Mill Creek near Mouth at Orillia, WA
Mill Creek near Walla Walla, WA

Mineral Creek
Mineral Creek near Mineral, WA

Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek below Clear Creek near Cougar, WA

Naselle River
Naselle River near Naselle, WA

Newaukum River
North Fork Newaukum River above Bear Creek near Forest, WA
South Fork Newaukum River near Onalaska, WA

Newhalem Creek
Newhalem Creek near Newhalem, WA

Nisqually River
Nisqually River at La Grande, WA
Nisqually River at Mckenna, WA
Nisqually River near National, WA

Nooksack River
Middle Fork Nooksack River near Deming, WA
Nooksack River at Deming, WA
Nooksack River at Ferndale, WA
Nooksack River at North Cedarville, WA
North Fork Nooksack River below Cascade Creek near Glacier, WA
S.F. Nooksack River near Wickersham, WA

Okanogan River
Okanogan River at Malott, WA
Okanogan River at Oroville, WA
Okanogan River near Tonasket, WA

Palouse River
Palouse River at Hooper, WA
South Fork Palouse River at Pullman, WA

Pilchuck River
Pilchuck River near Snohomish, WA

Puyallup River
Puyallup River at Alderton, WA
Puyallup River at Puyallup, WA
Puyallup River near Electron, WA
Puyallup River near Orting, WA

Queets River
Queets River near Clearwater, WA

Quinault River
Quinault River at Quinault Lake, WA

Raging River
Raging River near Fall City, WA

Rex River
Rex River near Cedar Falls, WA

Satsop River
Satsop River near Satsop, WA

Sauk River
Sauk River above Whitechuck River near Darrington, WA
Sauk River near Sauk, WA

Similkameen River
Similkameen River near Nighthawk, WA

Skagit River
Skagit River at Marblemount, WA
Skagit River at Newhalem, WA
Skagit River near Concrete, WA
Skagit River near Mount Vernon, WA
Skagit River near Rockport, WA
Skagit River near Sedro Woolley, WA

Skokomish River
North Fork Skokomish River below Lwr Cushman Dam near Potlatch, WA
North Fork Skokomish River below Strcse Rpds near Hdsprt, WA
North Fork Skokomish River near Potlatch, WA
Skokomish River near Potlatch, WA
South Fork Skokomish River near Union, WA

Skookumchuck River
Skookumchuck River below Bldy Rn Creek N Centralia, WA
Skookumchuck River near Bucoda, WA
Skookumchuck River near Vail, WA

Skykomish River
Skykomish River near Gold Bar, WA

Snake River
Snake River near Anatone, WA

Snohomish River
Snohomish River near Monroe, WA

Snoqualmie River
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River near Tanner, WA
North Fork Snoqualmie River near Snoqualmie Falls, WA
Sf Snoqualmie River above Alice Creek near Garcia, WA
Snoqualmie River at Duvall, WA
Snoqualmie River near Carnation, WA
Snoqualmie River near Snoqualmie, WA

South Prairie Creek
South Prairie Creek at South Prairie, WA

Speelyai Creek
Speelyai Creek near Cougar, WA

Spirit Lake
Spirit Lake at Tunnel at Spirit Lake, WA

Spokane River
Spokane River at Spokane, WA

Spring Brook Creek
Spring Brook Creek at Orillia, WA

Stehekin River
Stehekin River at Stehekin, WA

Stillaguamish River
North Fork Stillaguamish River near Arlington, WA
S.F. Stillaguamish River near Granite Falls, WA

Sultan River
South Fork Sultan River near Sultan, WA
Sultan River below Diversion Dam near Sultan, WA
Sultan River below Powerplant near Sultan, WA

Taylor Creek
Taylor Creek near Selleck, WA

Thunder Creek
Thunder Creek near Newhalem, WA

Tilton River
Tilton River above Bear Canyon Creek near Cinebar, WA

Tolt River
North Fork Tolt River near Carnation, WA
S F Tolt River below Regulating Basin near Carnation, WA
South Fork Tolt River near Carnation, WA
South Fork Tolt River near Index, WA
Tolt River near Carnation, WA

Toutle River
South Fork Toutle River at Toutle, WA
Toutle River at Tower Road near Silver Lake, WA

Tucannon River
Tucannon River near Starbuck, WA

Twisp River
Twisp River Mvid West Diversion near Twisp, WA
Twisp River near Twisp, WA

Walla Walla River
Walla Walla River near Touchet, WA

Wenatchee River
Wenatchee River at Monitor, WA
Wenatchee River at Peshastin, WA
Wenatchee River at Plain, WA

White River
White River above Boise Creek at Buckley, WA
White River at Buckley, WA
White River Canal at Buckley, WA
White River near Auburn, WA
White River near Buckley, WA

White Salmon River
White Salmon River near Underwood, WA

Willapa River
Willapa River near Willapa, WA

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek below Diversion near Winthrop, WA

Wynoochee River
Wynoochee River above Black Creek near Montesano, WA
Wynoochee River above Save Creek, near Aberdeen, WA
Wynoochee River near Grisdale, WA

Yakima River
Yakima River at Kiona, WA
Yakima River at Umtanum, WA

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